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10 Best Things to Come Out of Overwatch in 2017. 2017 made Overwatch one of the best long running games because of these things.
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Lmao he just said Mei's was the worst and Reinhardts was the best and i think its the other way around except id say Reinhardts is the SECOND worst because i think 'Hero' was the worst

Oh my god and everything he likes to eat when will you stop with the fucking overwatch shit I don't like to cuss but I am trying to fucking say something here what made you think uploading about fucking 600 fucking overwatch videos was a good idea let me give you a tip of life say you got pancakes everyday to eat you would of fucking get sick of that get it in your fucking head you fucking dumbass penis licking stupid fucking twats

good channel Gapple Delisine 2 years ago vir commented Hey, I am from TGN [The Gamer Network]. I will send you a direct message to you on YouTube that will benefit your channel greatly. TURKISH BLOOD OLD PLAYER

Junkertown isn't that good or I mean it's fun too play on but it's kinda boring design and Horizon was definitely more interesting, although I think Eichenwalde is the best added map


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Overwatch Guide How To Counter Bastion

Video is ready, Click Here to View × A quick guide on how to counter bastion in overwatch. Be sure to let me know what you think and drop a Like if this helped you out!! We are YOUR OVERWATCH Tweets by eddythechump Tweets by TheLegalWeagal Tweets by xFREEEDO


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