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Overwatch is one awesome game, and Ana is probably one of my favorite heroes in the game! Hopefully these few tips help you guys improve your one eyed sniper’s game! Lets hit 100 likes?!

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To me it seems like Winston is a counter to Ana. He can dive on allies and bubble them so you can't heal. Likewise Ana cannot escape him without hitting a sleep dart, nor can she kill him before he kills her.

hipfirering? don't scope in? and then you have video of GaleAldele who is quick scoping and he also does it sometimes in 1v1. looooooooooooooooooool I would say learn positioning and then know when to scope. Gonna give a more reliable heal from distance.

Actually if you zoom in with Ana, the projectile will hit your target faster, as well as the aiming is more lenient. What I mean by that is when you scope in there is a subtle inner triangle around your reticle and if any part of your ally is in that triangle, it will count as a hit.


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