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Knights of the Frozen Throne is coming, and 15 new cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts on them, including my take on their competitive viability, deck fit, and synergies.

Shortcut to my quick star ratings: https://youtu.be/dqWdxHt9lIs?t=2348

This video includes Prince Valanar, Moorabi, Cryostasis, Frost Lich Jaina, Doomed Apprentice, Dead Man’s Hand, Animated Berserker, Defile, Sanguine Reveler, Howling Commander, Venomstrike Trap, Eternal Servitude, Spreading Plague,…

Doesn't defile have a serious problem in wild. I tried to do the math and if you start with a 1 and 2 health minion and a patron, casting defile results in an infinite loop.

Here is my analysis Nx reperesents a non-patron minion with x health. x represents a patron

N1 N2 3
N1 2 3
1 2 3 3
1 2 2 3 3 3
1 1 2 2 2 3
1 1 1 2 3
1 2 3 3 and since we are back to line 3 i will cycle from here

I don't think is that hard to make Icy touch works… you can aways combine with mage spells and then ping, kinda like warlocks aways find way to draw something using Mortal Coil

Plus… I think there is 2 different lines to take with Frost Jaina
1. a Elemental based deck for maximum value on lifesteal or,
2. a heavy control oriented deck using only feel elementals and those from Icy touch to win the long game

I don't think Frost Lich Jaina is that slow, at least not if you have some elemental on board. Elementals in play gain life steal too, so if you play FLJ and attack with two elementals that can be like 12 HP gained (with the armor), and you get another water elemental that will help keep you alive next turn.
Against a control-deck you can afford a slow value card like this. Against aggro, assuming you get to turn 9 (which mage can often do with ice block and such) you can get a good heal for turn 9. At turn 9 aggro will usually be going face so you're very likely to have elementals in play.


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