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Today im talking about heroes who are the best in overwatch competitive season 6 otherwise known as this meta. There are the best meta picks that have the highest winrates and just dominate…

Zenyatta has been balanced since his huge buff in 2016. The only reason he seems op is because the meta favors him due to his anti flanker capabilities. I woudn't say Winston is OP just because he is a good dive tank.

Junkrat practically hasn't change with his current bufffs. He gained two mines. They are the exact same mines, with the same lengthy cooldown, still only one placable at a time. People say he's OP because he has two mines which can deal enough damage to instakill but that's not considering knockback and 8s cooldown. The double mine made him viable. What makes him broken is his ultimate. I don't think it needs a nerf, but it is still too good to be used 3+ times in a game.

My biggest problem is I want to play zen but then everyone locks in as dps and an off tank and asks why I'm not playing mercy. I'm starting to look like a mercy main =

I have a 60% win percentage as zen… Only broken 50% with mercy last night =


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