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Today im talking about heroes who are the worst and need buffs in overwatch competitive season 7 otherwise known as this meta. These are the characters that really need buffs in overwatch…

The problem with blizzard is they make all the heroes almost too balanced that some are op. Let’s take junkrat and tracer. A low skilled junkrat is just as effective as a high skilled tracer. Tracer takes way more skill than junkrat but a diamond tracer main probably has the same skill level as a masters junkrat because he takes less skill.

Reaper needs a rework or buff by adding double shot with cool down or 3 sec or 4 it would make his leech a little stronger and more survival reliant beacuse it's easy to cock black his ult and the range on his death blossom is really short.

Ana's passive could be that her darts give full health allies extra temporary health, probably around 75 to balance out with Symmetra & Torbjorn. This would allow her to compensate somewhat for not being able to hit past barriers or the higher difficulty of healing compared to someone like Mercy & gives her a nice early game buff.

Doomfist does not need a buff ag all. I main him and let me tell u. I destroy everyone. You people r just ignorant and think that he's bad because u cant play him. The only thing i can think of is to boost his speed when he dropping down from his ult. Because it gives enemies way to much time to escape.

How come Tracer still kills herself with her ult? Dva doesn't,and junkrat takes no splash damage from his frags anymore. I wish theyd take away tracers ability to kill herself with her own ult

Ana is getting buffed, its confirmed, currently they are testing her with 70 dmg, and it should be on the PTR soon!

She was one of my mains for a while, so IM PRAYING FOR HER

If they were going to buff Mei I feel like they should decrease how long it takes to freeze an enemy and increase the width of her freeze beam so that it’s easier to freeze moving targets.

As someone has said, there are various shield characters and its a big disadvantage to Ana that she can't heal her teammate if the line of sight is intercepted by one. Every healer can heal throughout shields except Ana.

Yeah i feel like this meta set the bar higher for the amount of rapid heals needed to compete. Most Ana players simply cannot keep up. It's really fucking mad. Why bust your ass landing quick scopes with ana for 30 minutes when you can just fly around as mercy and hold left click? Ana honestly just need her left click to be buffed so that it does some AOE heals even if you miss.

• Cryo-Freeze
Clears the debuff from Ana's Biotic Grenade. Reload's Mei's Blaster after 1.5 seconds.
• Endothermic Blaster
Frozen enemies are no longer unfrozen by Zarya bubbles.
• Blizzard
Activates 0.3 seconds after Snowball lands on the ground, down from 0.8. No longer canceled if Mei is killed or stunned.

• ‎Biotic Rifle
Damage increased by 10. Healing increased by 10.
• Biotic Grenade
Self Heal increased by 10.

• Charge Punch
Hit registration and hitboxes are improved. Can launch in all directions, however knockback is horizontal.

• Configuration: Sentry
Bullet spread is reduced the longer Bastion continues to fire. For a maximum of a 30% reduction in bullet spread after 1.5 seconds.
• Configuration: Tank
Transformation reduced to 0.5 seconds, at the beginning and end of the ability.Ironclad damage reduction increased to 35%.

• Chain Hook
Line-of-sight calculations no longer continue after the hook has attached on both player's screens.

• Build Turret
Upgraded to level two after 5 hammer swings, regardless of turret health.

• Shadow Step
Reaper is invulnerable while activating this ability. (But not while exiting the ability).

• Hack
Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds after hacking a healthpack, and 8 seconds when hacking a player.

It's not that ana isn't good. She's just not as good as mercy and Lucio/zen provide better off support buffs.

I'd just like her being able to 3 shot 200 hp chars so she can drop pharmercy in the air. That and make her average healing output higher than mercy.

Doomfist, Sombra, Ana, Orisa, Widowmaker, Hanzo and Mei more or less covers it, Doomfist needs a larger hitbox on his right click and a traditional reload on his left click, Sombra needs the delay on unstealthing removed and a tighter spread, Ana needs +10 damage, Orisa needs her slow while firing removed, Widowmaker needs higher base damage on her unscoped shots and slightly faster scope and weapon charge times, Hanzo needs a rework to where he's a utility arrow character, and for Mei I think a few quality of life buffs like removing her fall off damage, reducing her firing delay and giving her a taller wall so she can go on flanks on attack would make her pretty good. The characters I think are pretty easy to fix, Blizzard just doesn't like incremental changes over broad reworks that screw up the metagame for seasons …

Im a widow Main so i have very good scoped acc and when no one picks healer I usually go with Ana, and I carry…. I don’t think that Ana should be seen as mercy, more like symm, a support to the team. I am really good at hitting sleeps so that’s what I think is here Main role. Hitting these key sleeps on ulting soldiers or genjis. To have an ana means that you have 1 more hitscan against mercy’s new ult. I think the meta is perfect and pros still need to figure out the potential of doomfist.

I think if they reduced the cool-down of both Ana's Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade by 2 seconds, made Bio-nade have an even bigger Radius but does -50% healing to enemies instead of 100% less and increased her healing per shot to 80 from 75, she would be more reliable and worth while to pick.


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