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Acer’s Aspire One Cloudbook 11 is the newest low-end Windows PC available, and the first one to ship with Windows 10 installed, and with the Intel N3050 Braswell Celeron processor.

How does it handle MS Office applications, and Windows 10 in general? Can it run Minecraft, Hearthstone, or Steam? How’s the general experience and web browsing performance?


I'm getting one of these in the mail tomorrow. Since I don't need to use Windows, I'm gonna format the eMMC to remove Windows and install a lightweight Linux distribution, possibly Arch Linux with the XFCE desktop environment. I'll use it for the internet and basic computer stuff. Storage and CPU speed is the least of my concern, so I think I'll be alright with this. YEAH! I'M EXCITED!

(please note that I do not mind who answers this comment) so I have seen mixed comments saying you can play minecraft on this laptop, however I have also seen comments that say you cannot so which is can or can't?(if you can't play Minecraft what is another cheap laptop that can)


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