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Heathstone just released a new expansion which includes Dungeon Run, a roguelike experience within Hearthstone. As fun as it is at first, it’s frustrating in a bad way. Enter Slay the Spire, a deckbuilder roguelite built from the ground up to BE what it is, and in my opinion it’s better than Hearthstone’s dungeon run by a mile!

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Hearthstone isnt designed to be fun. If dungeon runs turn out shit? Who cares? Blizzard gets their 20mil a month either way. However, if slay the spire turns out shit, no one gets paid. Indie companies either make a good game or fail, therefor, they have more incentive to release a good tittle.

3 minutes in and you're still whining about Hearthstone. I get it, you need a comparison, but if you were a good reviewer, you wouldn't need to 1:1 Hearthstone and Slay the Spire to make a point.

You should check out nowhere prophet if you like this style of game. Very similar but more of a game style like duelyst where cards summon minions that go on a grid (really like a MTG – Duelyst Hybrid since each player has their own grid on their side of the field). You can find Nowhere Prophet on Itch.io

Oooh. I really love Dominion, even though with right card decks you could metagame easily. I always found it fun looking for new ways of getting infinite loop for gaining resources and breaking the game.

Considering Hearthstone was already a slog to play and it's dungeon run mode was such a major disappointment, I'm more than happy to jump ship for a new card game. This plus Gwent should do.

As a long term hearthstone player I can say that the gamemode is one the best things that happened to hearthstone in a long time. Even if it is high in rng, it isn't that much of a problem if you have the knowledge to deaden the bad situations.
Thanks for showcasing that new game, looks neat.

You are comparing an entire game to a small side game within a game. While yes I agree that this is better than dungeon run, this didn't come free to me in a game that I have already spent hundreds of hours in.

i don't understand why your compering them the dungeon run is supposed to fun mode for people to enjoy and get a few packs its not supposed to be a main mode while slay the spire is designed around that one game mode so its obviously gona have a lot more depth

i think the dungeon runs are executed perfectly in hearthstone, since their purpose is literally just a minigame within a major game. they are fun for countless hours and it doesn't even matter if you beat the 8 bosses or not. you can just pick fun cards that you aren't able to play with in normal constructed and try them out, while randomness makes you not get burned out easily.


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