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MainOp Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCtTx6yW6Du-W_zLKUwcNfMCTK0dBrzaL

Previous Part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EYUUlZfwwA

Using the M2010 Bolt Action Rifle, a follow-up of the “famous” M-24 Sniper Rifle – today’s rifle was a 50/50.. sometimes it would instakill and in other instances it would take 3-4 shots to kill.. blame ARMA desync I guess – Enjoy me sniping with this beautiful gun however!

3rd RB Recruitment:…

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I have just recently started watching gameplay on arma 3 I have a lot of questions before I jump into the game. This might be a really dumb question but is there actual players flying the choppers and the jets, planes etc.when dropping off paratroopers supplies and what not.???? Are they actual players playing as pilots

wow you guys got surrounded and fucked early on.
also sherm, thats in 300 win mag not a 308, both are 7.62mm but the 300 has quite a bit more powder to push, which is a long range bullet. at the muzzle the energy is 4810j and at 1000 meters it has 1038j….the 308 has 3556j of energy at the muzzle and 689j at 1000 meters so the 300win mag has 30% more power behind it at one kilometer. The 300 winmag has a better BC so it doesnt react to wind and other factors as much as the 308 (drift, drop and loss of velocity)…. the 300 win mag hits with the same force as a 357 magnum at around 800m so im shocked too that the thing didnt drop them quick…..ARMA, yo. lol

im american so metic means nothing but i know you're european so it would be easier to understand if i converted so i hope you see it haha. :p

How do you get that "window" up that shows which part of the body is injured? and those "self-actions" that shows in the middle of the screen…is it an addon/mod? – sorry for asking a maybe noobish question but i'm fairly new to Arma3 and there is so much to learn. Thanks for all your videos – they are great! cheers!

How active is your 3rd RB now-a-days? I have watchrf a bunch of your vids and am about to fire up my first build soon (about a month); this game, and your crew, looks really fun. So I want some cool people to play with.


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