Call of Cthulhu

How to create an investigator using the new 7th edition rules, by Paul Fricker.

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All page references refer to the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook.

If you have…

I want to run a game, and was curious what you would recommend getting, the Keeper's handbook or the Investigator's? I can only get one as of now, and don't know if it is like D&D where you can just get the Player's and not essentially need the DM's? Or would the Quick Start Guide be better?

This video was fantastic. As a first time keeper and having my friends being their first time in CoC too this really helped streamline the process to get our first campaign rolling

Do you find no one will make a 40+ year old character any more as the skills get reduced? Another thing, it's hard enough to roll success. How often are the difficult 1/5 and 1/2 rolls made? This makes it a little more complicated.

Very nice, thanks a lot!
As a new player, it´s very helpful to see how easy it is to transfer the rules to a character sheet. Your voice and explanations are quite pleasant! Even for me as a non native speaker it was easy to follow your tips and use them with my german rulebook and character sheet.

This really helped showcase the character creation methodology for me and cleared up a few questions I had. I do hope you are able to continue this series.

Thanks Paul i love your intro series. even though i have been a fan of COC since the 80s i love these vids, they will come in handy when i bring new players in the game.

I noticed you spread your allotted points across multiple skills vs putting a lot of points into one particular skill. I realize there's not a right or wrong way to do this, but can you comment if you personally prefer one over the other?
What's that saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." 🙂
Great video as always. Thanks.

I don't fill all the pre calc values in on my hand written sheets, it just tends to make it look too hectic – I don't have Paul's neat handwriting so the Quick Reference chart gets regular access.

However if anyone has the same issues I recommend using the digital precalc sheets from the Chaosium website, as all the scores get filled in very neatly and its all worked out for you.

Very clear explanations in this video, I look forward to the whole series. Thanks for posting!


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