Call of Cthulhu

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Review and Game Master suggestions for the Call of Cthulhu scenario, “Mansion of Madness.” It’s a missing-person case packed with a colorful cast, a twisting plot, and some serious horror.

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This sounds awesome.  I especially loved Jack's freaking out about the bugs in the walls and his tirade about bathrooms.  And burning the house at the end is pretty sop for Call of Cthulhu.  Thanks for sharing.

Why would the gangsters leave the money!
I think I'm going to alter that for my game so that the PCs have more personal incentive to go after Crater.

Also, bonus points for wearing a shirt for the Cult of Set

Nice review. Mansions of Madness (the book) is a great compendium of modules. Will you review The Old Damned House one day? I'm currently preparing this adventure and I'm curious to know your opinion. I think it's a bit confusing to read.

Sounds like an awesome module! A game I was in had a good heebie-jeebies moment in Planescape when we were hired to track down and defeat "The Tooth Adder." We were like "Some kinda snake themed assassin? No problem!" and then we tracked it down and realized it was some kind of horrible aberration/fey/demon seemingly made of gum tissue and that his powers and attacks ADDED TEETH. All kinds of teeth. Not necessarily into your mouth…. we stood outside its wet, moist, maw-like lair and thought REAL HARD about how much we were being paid…

Great Review and yep, the Part with the Insect-Babies sounds really nasty.

BTW, your Focus on Toilets would work great in an Adventure, that sadly only seems to exist in the german Version of the CoC Games – "Das Geheimnis des Schwarzwaldhofs" by Frank Heller and Stefan Franck ("The Secret of the Black Forest Farm", if I translated correctly). If it does exist in English, you may correct me.

Basically, it's a Starting Adventure in the german 1920s for new GMs and Players, where the Need to use the Toilet for one of the Players is recommended to start an Event Chain/Plottwist in the Story.

Great review as always, although I don't know if I would want to run a scenario as disturbing as this, my imagination is maybe just a little too active! , and some of the scenes are truly horrific.

Still I guess that's the point of watching your reviews, thanks.

Great review. Regarding the comment on Bathrooms/Water Closets, there are a lot of scenarios that forget those things, and they are perfect places to have covert meetings, hide things (Think of all the drunks who hide bottles in the cistern of toilets…) or just to have an encounter with some unspeakable horror…

Nice review!
I ran this adventure a couple of months back. One of the problems i had was the fact that my players ventured to Crater's mansion way too early. They learn about the orgies held by Crater and the mansion also bears close resemblance to one of the paintings in Keetling's study. This makes it in my opinion very logical to visit the mansion before going after Garsetti. The module does not cover what to do if your players go to Crater's mansion too early. I solved it by having some mobsters stand guard in front of the mansion with some big guns. In fact it was the same mobsters as those who approach the investigators later in the adventure.

Just finished binge watching all of your review content… And here we go again! Love your videos, your really unique and your humor is simply put: Amazing! Keep it up! Greetings from the deep bavarian superland!!

Another fantastic review, Seth! Keep up the good work, these have been invaluable. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you not only review the adventures in detail, but point out what could use some work.

Thanks for the review! I must admit, since discovering your channel I've been wanting to bust out my CoC books more than I have in years. Also, while I'm aware I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, Jack is awesome.

Man, nice video, yet again. Dude as somewhat of a casual gamer, you really inspire me. Seriously dude, you are giving me so many ideas and really making these other RPGs sound so awesome. Thank you for introducing me to a whole new way to explore the creative parts of my brain that I would have otherwise forsaken. Keep up the great work. I'm eager to learn anything else you can teach me. Which given my little experience, I'm sure there's plenty

Those PC questions were pretty good, but if that was your best role player…

I could see the spot roll in the club being fun, especially if the PC has to keep their cool so to not give the game away, and the other PCs that didn't make the spot roll are confused about what they're freaking out about.

Also, did the PCs really go back to burn the house down? I wouldn't blame them if they did.

I was wondering how this review flew under my radar for so long. Then noticed the upload date and realized I got auto played into the latest video after marathoning these module reviews. Gosh diddly darn it Seth! Stop making these so marathonable!

As a game master I like these reviews they give me We desire to probably get these modules and such and try them out for myself. That I like the comical second take of explaining it.


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