Call of Cthulhu

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How to use miniatures in your Call of Cthulhu game.

So essentially from what I'm hearing there's really no form of combat in CoC whatsoever. You Investigate, explore, and die.
-Investigating doesn't need minis; you're just role playing your character through dialogue and possibly rolling dice for persuasion/intimidation checks, perception, looking for traps, etc.
-Exploring would probably use some visual aid, maps, and maybe some props to use as clues or a notebook. Again, no minis needed.
-Combat is where you would pull out your minis. To tactically move around maximize your abilities at the safest distance and really understand the situation so you can play the game as if it were a game of chess. In this game you just instantly die. It's not like taking down a boss in an mmo or skirmishes like in warhammer. You literally face a single monster that instantly kills you. The end.

This is my assumption based on my first impressions of this game. Am I right?


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