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Aimhacks – Not guilty. Rather crap aim considering the wallhacks, all things considered.
Wallhacks – Guilty. Blatantly looking at enemies through the walls on multiple occasions.
Other hacks – Guilty. Nobody has legit bunnyhops that good with blatant wallhacks and garbage aim.
Griefing – Not guilty. Would have said guilty had he actually 1g'd himself on truck though.

1. These ain't legit bhops… or I did the whole thing wrong until now :')
2. He had silent aim with specified random bullets only (hard to see, but can't tell for sure without demo)
3. He had triggerbot with legit first shot delay ~250ms (that's why he missed few shot with AWP. Because of the triggerbot sometimes he just stopped shooting instantly after he killed the opponent, but he was still aiming at the body without shooting, after he realized it's dead, then he moved crosshair away weirdly. ex: 2:35 )

If this guy would know cs:go.. he could do cheating legit… Probably well written cheat.

Prophet, you should do cheating, examine, learn more how things working on the dark side 🙂 But only for education purpose of course.

I had the same guy on ow pretty funny because he is propably a new player who just bought csgo and some cheats , he doesnt know who to play neither the maps nor how bhopping works .I watched some times and I m pretty sure he was using the full package bhop script , wallhack and aimbot. I dont mind if u see him as WH only, 3 or 1 is the same major ban

i think u didn`t notice the bhop script but it was still a nice video and i did enjoy it
where i think he is bhop scripting (0:400:50 Doesn`t strafe at all but still gaining speed) (2:202:30 starts to strafe A and D finished it with A+W D+W) (4:505:05 fails at strafing at this point doesn`t press A or D still getting speed)

WTF? This is the second time in as many days that I've watched an overwatch video on Youtube and it's a case I've overwatched myself. Pretty sure of it from the weird B-hopping. In a minute he's gonna see some guys boosting over the tin roof, I'm pretty sure


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