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To help you ensuring the best settings on console, we researched what high level players use and recommend regarding console aiming settings. This video explains the decisions behind the recommendations, so you can tailor it to your needs more easily.

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I usually have different settings for projectile vs hitscan heroes which gets complicated when the hero has both projectiles and hit scan.

I tried going without aim assist for awhile but I just couldn't grasp it. This was particularly hard on genjis and Tracers obviously. It'd be nice if I could have awesome tracking with Zarya on airborne genjis but that's a pipe dream it feels.

I used to use dual zone and switched to linear when they added ease in (which makes linear like an adjustable expo ramp). I have tried dual zone again here and there but every time I prefer the ramp settings.

Also using dual zone without aim assist is a ridiculous idea since 90% of your stick would be a static speed. What setting would you use then to track a Lucio on speed boost at close range just as well as a strafing Widowmaker at long range? Your sensitivity will always feel either too fast or too slow depending on what you’re trying to do. Aim assist slows your sensitivity down but only when it’s relevant to do so which solves the problem of tracking at different ranges.


Masters Xbox flex player
75/67 H/V
90 aim assist (100 on soldier + others)
80 window
38 smoothing
34 ease in
Elite controller

My perfect aim settings
-dual zone
-horizontal sensitivity 60
-vertical sensitivity 60
-aim assist strength 100
-aim assist window size 25
For Widow and Ana the scope sensitivity is 50

overwatch on console is absolute garbage….it took me a long time getting use to the aiming style , then i decide to play battlefield for awhile and then when i go back to overwatch i cant hit shit

When I get a pc I will definitely drop console overwatch faster than a hot plate of beef dinner but this will help me before then. Thanks a lot! Really helpful video!

One advice I follow is to change the jump button to R1, that allows you to jump and aim at the same time, very recommended to Tracer, Soldier, Genji, etc., this gives you a really huge advantege.

If you practice without aim assist for a while you build better motor skills and true aim. So when you play with aim assist it's mostly you doing the work and you'll be more accurate instead of solely relying on a handicap. It's like taking training wheels off and then putting them back on after you know how to ride. It just helps. So if you want to play all quick play without or ana bot practice, do that then switch to aim assist once you do comp. Might help.

You're gonna want to leave aim assist on to save a lot of frustration and (in my experience) thumb cramps down the road. Using a controller vs a mouse just kind of makes it a necessity. What you really want to do is turn the window way down. This makes it so it only effects your aim when your reticle is already on point and really helps with muscle memory for snapping between targets. My window is on 10. Pretty much anything between 0 and 25 is best.

I would also like to point out how much more useful linear ramp is. If you're like me, and have been playing console shooters your whole life and still like to play other shooters besides Overwatch, having a lot of consistency in the feeling of aiming across all games is a must else it will throw you completely off. Linear ramp will feel a lot more natural. And it's much better for muscle memory. Just be sure to turn the aim ease in up to fix linear ramp's problem of being way too twitchy for micro movements. I use 30 and it feels just right. Really any higher and it will start feeling more like expo ramp. My smoothing is set to 34 and it feels really comfortable coming off games like Halo 5 or Destiny.

My settings for those interested (after over a dozen hours spent testing over the months)

horizontal – 45
vertical – 27 (60% of horizontal)
aim assist – 100
aa window – 10
smoothing – 34
ease in – 30
relative zoom on Widow and Ana are 50 for a near 1:1 ratio like in Halo

What actually helped me as a sombra main was lowering the window size. My aim assist is 100 but my window size is 10. It help a lot. My accuracy went From 35 to 48. I tried it with all hitscan and it improved my aim on all of them

Tried it all your tips for a couple of hours in quickplay, total mayhem, free for all and two comp matches. Like 6 hours of testing. I dropped from 40% accuracy to 18%. I can't 1v1 with those slow setting and 0 aim assist.
Thanks for the tips anyways, I bet it helped someone else. Please do more console tips!

For any aspiring console Hanzo mains I climbed roughly 500sr using DZ 70/70 70AA 50window 80AS. I've gotten multiple messages and in game accusations that I use mouse & keyboard.

My perfect settings:
-Dual zone
-45 sensitivity
-95 aim assist
-30 aim assist window on most projectile heroes, 40 to 50 on other heroes.
-0 aim smoothing


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