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Overwatch Cases in which we go a bit deeper into the mind of the cheater… what compels a child to cheat at video games? Is there a link between hacking at CS:GO and robbing banks? Probably not, but I made a video.

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I cheat because I like to win at all costs. If I can cheat to win, I will.
Software engineer btw, so I have fun making the cheats more than I do playing the actual game.

I see Trust Factor improved a lot of things…


this is why I stopped playing in november. 1300 hrs, never got past MGE because the insane smurfing and cheating from turkey and ukraine.

lol I cheated in CSGO, but not to get anywhere, I wasnt having fun with the game anymore and decided to get VAC banned

edit: I've never seen a cheater who was actually trying to get an unfair advantage on others. I don't cheat in games but the one time I did was just because I was curious and wanted to screw around

Cant understand Valve have access to numbers of credit cards, IP, phone number and they wont use it as a protection before cheaters…if someone get banned his credit card should be banned for steam too

When you say that hackers need to have a place of their own, you incorrectly say that wingman is that place…. The whole CSGO is that place.

I don't think i have played 3 games in a row without a hacker in the game.


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