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New update for Overwatch has been released (10 June 2015): http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2015/06/12062/
Here’s a video about The Overwatch. Hope it helps understanding!

Video about VAC:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYVlhJ2TEvE – ▼

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Play on ESEA now for a cheat-free…

Tbh , i actually have been reported a lot because of the way i play and i have just 300 hours , and at the exact moment i got 150 comp wins , DMG rank and got it instantly. Pretty happy to help the community tho.

My friend went off completely with the desert eagle in one game, he got banned for being a good player since some overwatch shits can't verdict properly. Now he has to play on a smurf which gives my other friends and me a non prime experience.

I am gn3 and already had 5 OW,i mean that rank is important but not so much cause i play just for fun and not for being ranked up nad that stuff. Its clearly when someones cheating and i think that i never harmed anyone. Also its important if u play cs for long time,and u understand game cause i m playing for about 7 mnths cs go,and i played cs1.6 for about 6 yrs

When ur gud at scout and a kid that bought an account with ow on it watches ur game and u get ow ban 100% legit happend 2 me rel no survey no offers free minecraft hax

What if im a good player but still in silver 2, cuz i havnt played for a long time and i got a new gaming pc so im less laggy and alot better, aroind 30 or 40 kills per game, im worried ill be reported for cheating or smurfing: (

so i smoked b tuns and sprayed through it with p90 (dust of course, dont pretend you play anything else) dum 4 year old russian jumps in front and gets hit twice…turns around and shoots me in the face…high class le gameplay


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