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From our family of heroes to yours: Happy New Year! Join game director Jeff Kaplan as he takes a look back at what happened in 2017 and then looks forward to what’s in store for 2018.

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Guys what if Mercy is just the beginning what if they're going to Nerf all the supports and tanks until they're useless? It'll start slowly like nerfing ana's damage/healing by 20% and then next they'll mess with her healing grande. Then it'll move onto others until everyone but the heroes in the DPS class are only decent heroes to pick.

I want to buy it on the PS4, but I'm a bit afraid that when the PS5 is coming, everyone will leave on PS4. What should I do? (My PC is too crappy to run Overwatch)

Hey Jeff, I have a problem. For D.VA you can’t change the textile for mech and baby D.VA so I went to reddit to see who else has that problem and turns out I’m not the only one. Can you please fix this as it’s hard for me to aim for baby D.VA.
P.S you’re doing great. Keep up the good work.

Jeff,i was playing overwatch season 8 at dorado,and our team was almost win….but the game got a bug and we got out of that game….and it said our team lost….explain about this….my friends experienced this caution many times and they are sick and tired of having this kind of bug…please Mr.jeff…i love blizzard games and i enjoyed a lot!!!!

Can we get a cliché Sword melee Knight with Shield -hero?
He would have 1,25 Primary Firing Speed
100 Health, 250 Armor
Primary: 45-45-60 Dmg, (3 consecutive attacks, 2.25 second pause, and 3 attacks again)

Secondary: Charges a AoE cone attack that deals 30-85 damage depending how long you charge, up to 1.5s (0,2-1.5s)

E: Blocks 85% incoming dmg with his shield for 4 seconds and is immune to disables like Orisa.

Shift: Dashes trough enemies (megaman style, legs forward back to the ground you know) and knocks up enemies hit by it.

Pressing jump during dash causes Knight guy to jump and do a air spin slash that would hit all knocked enemies. also gets you to some highground areas.

Dashing with Secondary block up causes you to run and knock enemies down for 0,75 seconds instead, but you cannot do spin jump slash thingy.

Ultimate: AoE dmg reduction for the team and himself. Gains 40% damage resistance for 14 seconds and grants all allies 25% damage resistance for 5 seconds
And oviously the sword slash animations would be super cool.

When is mercy going to have a decent damage boost? Is mercy going to lose her rez? If you take out the rez then mercy shouldnt be in the game. If so would you be able to make a AOE Shielding ability or like symmetras old shield move.

Can you make a lfg like world of Warcraft dungeon groups? for competetive play? Like queuing as a healer or tank? That way you get players who are locked into their class and you know that your group will be garunteed to stay in their class. And make it that you need to have two healers 2 tanks for a group to que. Maybe a hub world like skirmish but where you can meet and talk to all overwatch players out of game modes?


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