Divinity: Original Sin 2

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(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 Complete Undead Guide, How to build Fane, How to play with Undead in the Party


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You can also equip pure poison weapon on another character (only poison without physical dmg, usually staff and wands have that type of dmg) and hit any undead characters in your party. They will heal from the attack.

Thanks to Dedlybug 112 info, mosquito swarm works for undead.
Blood Sucker is either bugged or i dont know what. It works when i cast it on Fane but when i cast it on my main undead character it doesnt work at all.

Rain might be pretty important. It's often difficult to keep poison on the field, and it's impossible if fire takes over completely. Contaminate is great for an all-undead party, but in single-player, the most you can have is generic starter undead + recruit Fane (which is enough for a full double-Lone Wolf party).

Summoner is hands down the best base skillset period, because not only does Dimensional Bolt let you throw any random status out, but the poison elemental totems will actually target you to heal you as an undead, and your summoned Incarnate can be buffed with the Farsight Invocation to upgrade it to get a ranged attack of its element, so if you summon it on some poison, it'll be able to heal you once again. On top of that, however, if you summon an Incarnate on water, it gets restoration, giving you access to healing for other characters.


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