Divinity: Original Sin 2

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(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 Character Creation, Best Party Combinations, How to play with Undead

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Leech will conflict with the other Necro skill, since both will remove blood from the ground. You'll never get full use out of the other skill because Leech is mopping up all the blood!

Another problem with Necro is that blood keeps getting overwritten by all the AoE effects the enemies toss about. It's pretty insane.

I do have some questions and I was hoping someone would answere them and hopefully it also points out other people in the right direction. I'll be playing with a friend and we'll be using origin characters. One of us will take an origin character and the other someone else (the exception being Fane, we won't be taking him at character creation). In this case we were actually wondering if having Fane was worth it. We'll be playing at 3rd difficulty and honestly having 3 characters that can heal and an oddbal that can only be healed with poison seems weird to me. Granted he seems to have a very interesting story but to finish the game at a higher difficulty I think he should be sacked simply because he's an undead, it's a shame too since he's a very good wizard.

Another thing, you've mentioned that our main character should have persuasion and leadership, and the tank should have a defensive ability & warfare. Since we'll be playing 2 players, we'll have 2 main characters, in this regard I'm assuming only one of us needs to have leadership, but what about persuasion ? Do we both need it since we're both technically main characters ? I'm wondering how conversations will be affected if only one of us has it. One of us will be the tank and the other one probably a dps (might be a healer but unlikely), which one of us should have leadership ? Since the tank needs to have warfare & one of the defensive abilities, will it ever spend points on weapon points ? Will the tank also be the one to take leadership ? We were thinking a 1 melee (tank) 3 safe distance characters, I'm assuming the player playing the safe distance dps character is the one that'll be taking leadership since It would benefit the 2 other safe distance characters close to it whereas the tank will probably be too far away ?

What would your recommended setup be if we wanted 1 fighter (tank) & 3 intelligence casters. Would the tank need to have geomancy or would only warfare be good enough ? What would your recommended companions be then ? Would Fane as an undead be a good companion honestly ? If not our 2nd player could make the pyro/geo wizard to replace Fane so we don't have any undead in the party.

Thanks for the tips.


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