Divinity: Original Sin 2

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(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 4 Summoners Build

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Can I combine this build with the new bone widow? 2 incarnate rangers and 2 bone widow rangers? Would it work? Also could you explain a little more on why ranger would be OP. I haven't touched ranger yet

God what the heck with this party XD it looks so nuts!

@RPG Division
May I request if you could try a build video or if I could get your opinion on what would be a good "paladin" type build as a flip side to your Ultimate Cleric tank?

Using a 1-handed and shield or two handed warfare character and the skills in hydro that scale off skill over int. Focusing more on offense with perhaps some points into poly and necro to round it out, picture of health, the pawn, opportunist and hothead with str and wits for crits?

Nice vid, and having 4 Summoners really is the only way for them to be effective.
They really need more/better options…Bone Spider and Dragonling are neat but still aren't enough to push a Summoner into OP territory. Every other build has the potential to be OP, why not Summoner?
Where the mods at? lol


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