Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Divinity Original Sin 2

Alpha V3.0.76.796

I thought the game would be fully released by now but it has been delayed until winter from what I heard. The good news is that Larian is working on improving the game still. I can’t wait to play the game in full but I will wait patiently since LArian is a great developer and they focus on making a quality game.

DOS 2 is scheduled for release 14 Sept 2017

This run doesn’t have any Goals so let’s just have fun…

Similar to Throw Dagger, I believe Tentacle Lash does more damage than your basic attack. I could be mistaken though. There were a couple instances in this run where I think you could've finished off an enemy with lash, that your basic attack failed to kill. Anyway, just something to check out.

Thanks for doing these runs. This game isn't getting near the exposure it deserves. You're play throughs are the best on YouTube so far.


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