Divinity: Original Sin 2

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★ Divinity Original Sin 2 – Honour Walkthrough Series ★
✎ Time stamps & more informations below !

✎ You will know about the entrance after finishing The Imprisioned Elf quest. Down here you will be fighting the Fire Slugs. You better have a Pet Pal character to learn about thier backstory otherwise the queen would attack you on sight.

♦ These fire slugs are immune to Fire damage but really weak to Water. So having water/air wands or spells would be nice, Poison is ok to destroy…

I'm playing tactician (blind) and strategy-wise i think I'm doing fine. After I get past an area, I check your playthrough. My main issue is not knowing what's next in terms of builds, skills, etc, so i think I'm saving more points than I could. Not spending points plus not doing half your damage (lack of gear maybe?) is making the playthrough a bit slow for me. It'd help if you give some general directions, where you're spending your points (I don't have the same build for my characters, but the extra knowledge is good, imo).

Thanks for the playthrough, really enjoying it so far!


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Divinity: Original Sin 2
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