Divinity: Original Sin 2

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★ Divinity Original Sin 2 – Honour Walkthrough Series ★
✎ Time stamps & more informations below !

✎ You can get to level 2 right from the start on the magister transport ship. You don’t need to create a character like mine though any kinds of AP+ bonus skills or mobility skills are welcome. This video will show you how to squeeze every exp you can from the first introduction scene.

✎ Timestamps:
02:54 – Beginning Intro
27:52 – Earn massive EXP by taking part in killing all the…

So what's your opinion of sneak?

They killed it of completely for me it's wrost then first game where it cost 4ap while you start of same as in second game with 6ap max in the first game your max ap was 14+ later on. It costs 3ap to use sneak now so you start with 4 ap and can use sneak for 3ap. I get it though it was too strong before because if you effectively used sneak the AI just skipped turns so instead of making the AI make moves to cause detection they went with increasing it's cost but the cost is almost all starting ap so it may as well be *you cannot use sneak at all because it breaks our AI*.

Also, how does tactician mode feels in this game? I loved tactician in dos:EE, but I since you can´t reduce difficulty midgame apparently, and I read that balancinc is really quite bad sometimes, I feel quite worried 😀 From what it seems, all enemies have inflated stats (armor+hp+damage+initiative) by 50 percent, making it almost impossible to have first turn and makes them quite spongy, which is not what I want from this mode 🙁

Hey any idea how overnerfed are mage classes? From reading few descriptions and few tries, they feel extremely overnerfed (when you need to aplly 2 statuses to stun, surfaces are nerfed hard and their damage is so low they often cant even pierce magic armor)


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