Divinity: Original Sin 2

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(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 Immortal Pure Necromancer

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So I did a respec after watching this. Then reran the final battle in tactician.. Opened with blood storm, criticals and lost armor all around, blood rain, everyone is bleeding, grasp of the starved and all but dallas and lucian are dead, not much left on those two, Lohse cleans them up. Overkill I guess, didnt even get to fight braccus and his cronies. Honor run is next

Here's an interesting challenge: Use this build (or minor variation) from the very start in Honour Mode as a solo lone wolf character (no Fane). No respeccing allowed, so you need to work on your final build from the beginning. No stealing from vendors or other OP cash-making cheese. No using play dead or fleeing with skills like Tactical Retreat to reset fights and pick enemies off one at a time. Movement skills ok as long as the fight isn't reset. Invisibility ok (like Cloak or potions) as long as fight isn't reset. Been trying this out and it is very difficult. The problem is making it past the early game and tough fights like the turtles, crocs and frogs.

Hey there, as a new comer (currently level 9 on the lady vengance)…how do i start this build? Becaude i love it! Isnit viable in the start of the game? How should i distribute points. Thanks a lot!

1 good combo that I use is:
vs Single target – Reduce the armor from the enemy to 0 > Cast Fortify on you > Cast Bone Cage > Cast Shackles of Pain on the enemy > than Cast Reactive Armour – Doing this you will double damage on the enemy because Reactive Armour does damage on you and with Shackles of Pain will give some damage back to him.
vs 2 target – just do all the same as vs Single target but this time cast Shackle of Pain on the other targe, the damage you receive from Reactive Armour will pass to the other target.

Hey RPG Division! Love your channel, you put out AMAZING DOS:2 content, I was wondering could you do a video centered around grenade use? I know there are talents for it so I would just like to see your take on it, and how the build would perform. 🙂

Can you take a look at a melee staff build?
I've heard stuff like using whirlwind while you have master of sparks or sparking swings buff is really strong. Using a fire staff and high pyro since it buffs all fire damage. Plus some other combos that you can think of

I wish there was also some worded guide in this video. Like annotations in the actual video or the written build in the description too. I really like your content but sometimes I can't view the whole video and listen in for builds. Written would be nice too. Thank you for your work 🙂

Hi man,

very nice guides and builds. Although in most of them you are already at lvl 21 which scales your gear and stats big time in comparison to the underlevelled paladins at the bridge – lvl 18.

I've seen some mods in the workshop which actually make the game harder, adding additional mobs to all groups or even additional spawns in locations where they were not before… may be it would be interresting how these builds work agains an enemy who is really challenging 🙂

Other than that, another nice idea for a build, GJ.

The build I ended up having is similar only I use a shield that comes with deflecting(From that paladin guy) and I go with poly morph skills to get rid of that cool down down time. Nice to see a build that is even more basic than mine yet more effective lol. Its probably the blood rain now that I think about it… maybe I should spec into hydro+aerthereo rather than rogue for that sweet crit mult.

I guess if you want stronger pets you would switch out Retribution for Summoning and keep max Warfare? Then maybe do the Constitution version of the build? I'm thinking it may work well in a 4-man party.

Thank you for all the builds you have been making. I love this game but I am terrible at it and you have helped me get through it when I thought I could not. Keep up the great work.


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