Divinity: Original Sin 2

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★ Knight solo Honour Mode ★
✎ Fane on his way to become the new God King. Preparations and battle strategy below.

✖ Preparations:
• You need to lower your health down to near death for Death Wish buff. There is a campfire nearby, go burn yourself.
• CONSUMABLES: you need an Invisible Potion.

✖ Combat Strategy:
• It’s best you have Spread your Wings or 2 flying skills to get up and down easily. Fly to high ground and grab Dallis down.
• Try to hit as much as knockdowns as…

Did they change how rage works again? On lunch only normal attacks would crit under Rage on top of getting muted… I remember because I made a knight similar to you had some polymorph skills like tentacle lash and bullhorns but then for mobility I took clock and dagger because take flight costing 1ap to activate and 1ap to fly made it useless for me and I ditched rage and ended up building the critical stat up to 70% around lvl 12 smooth sailing from there, no lone wolf though.

Bruh I've been following this one since fort joy… I use that 5 AP combo with my assassin… Living on Edge and Death Wish … then hit adrenaline with enrage …. in less than two turns I clear all the major threat in the fight


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