Divinity: Original Sin 2

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★ Knight solo Honour Mode ★
✎ Fane is on his way to become the new God King. Ninyan isn’t a boss but some people struggle against her Evasion Aura, so i decide show how to handle her as a Knight.

✖ Combat Strategy:
• Ninyan: Use Web from Spider Leg to reduce enemies Evasion, then focus on killing Ninyan first.
• Mord’ Akaim: I let Fane hit a Potent Ferocity Herbmix before battle to get that +2AP recovery. In combat, jump over, grab thier spearmen then AoE all three of them down,…

Man, I just started a playthrough of this game to post here on YT but you make me feel like we aren't even playing the same game lol. I'll have to come back and reference some of the techniques used here later O.o

bruh I promise you …I'm playing duo with my homeboy Kraccus…. I have an undead elf … I solo damn near everything similar to how you doing in these videos… I'm loving …I'll eventually play my own solo adventures with mods…my boi don't like mods for some odd reason.

Finished the game on *Hard*…cough,cough … using this setup,with the only exception I went a bit more into warfare instead of 2 hander …no mods used,doubt its going to be any challenge at all this setup is just overpowering,specialy Fane's * time warp * it's just dumb strong … I plan on doing a Fane ,ranger next ,full physical build … Love the videos,stay safe <3

I finished the game on classical mode with 4 party members. Now i am planing on playing tactician mode with 2 lone wolfs. First one will definitely be fane with your build. Any suggestion on second one? Maybe ranger/summoner?

Just want to say, I've played about 30 hours of DOS2 and watching your playstyle is not only entertaining but has helped me improve massively. Watching your solo play is deffo my style. I haven't tried playing multiplayer or anything but I find controlling 4 people is like controlling half a character whenever I use them.


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