Divinity: Original Sin 2

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(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 Ultimate Dodging Build

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the armor/dodge mechanics in this game are weird to say the least. I think it's better to just go for all out damage (max scoundrel/warfare) on a rogue/assassin and just use skin graft. You have so many teleport spells + chameleon as it is. Plus you are constantly debuffed. I am playing tactician mode solo lone wolf with an assassin and through ACT 2 I have not had any problems.

Can we get an Ultimate Blood Mage Assassin build please? Rogue (Sebille), dual wield daggers, with the blood magic from Necromancy and it providing melee self heals, and then CC and damage boosts from Warfare and mobility through Huntsman or something? I haven't made it far through game yet, just through Act 1 on a dual Lone Wolves setup, but been having fun and I'm sure there is many things I could be doing better since I'm new to game and series.

Sounds good, but I'm finding that my rogue would only be in range of Leadership maybe 50% of the time, if that. Usually she is on the outskirts taking out enemy mages/archers that have jumped to higher ground. For that reason Scoundrel is probably better than DW in my case (after maxxing out Warfare). I still grabbed Parry Master though.

Hi rpg loving bastards, can you help me? I dont like following guides, I like to do my own builds but I have a problém … Classic mode is too easy but on tactician I get through early game easily, but then I get to Mordus and realise that my builds suck in a lot of things, ale I cant get over him, my Frontline tank+rogue or warrior+warrior are always powerfull but I cant shait with my supports/mages .. If I try to control Mordus than my mages dont have enough damage to kill adds and if I try to control adds and just burn mordus. than eventualy I run out of control things .. any tips would be apreciated 🙂

To maximize the damage from backstabs make sure that you scoundrel equals you warfare-10 (or 1 point lower/higher when you have odd number of points). That includes you bonuses form gear too.

If you've not done it already I'd like to see a battle mage type character that uses a staff, warfare abilities and just close range spells, things like blinding radiance and supernova.

Good video pace keep it up! I have 3 modding tips that you can try out and have fun with: "Additional Skill Synergy and Strategy" (tons of new skills and combos for many more builds), "Peach's Skill Rebalance" (New skill balance cahnges to keep the game fresh and exciting also enables new ideas) and last but not least "Deathknight – Skills Unlimited" (First in a mod series of Advanced classes, makes you create a deathknight advnaced class with hydro necro and warfare. This also opens up many types of new builds).


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