Divinity: Original Sin 2

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(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 Elemental Strength based Warrior Build

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Thanks for the video! Have you notice that there is a mod – Elemental Warfare which combine the warfare skill with four elements. Will you consider making a video with that mod? Would love to see that.

I'm currently fighting (spoilers)

Lucian pretty close to the end(I think) and I'm trying to decide on my builds for my next game, what's your guys' ideas on builds that are pure FUN. They don't have to be tactical but the main focus is just fun to play with.

Someone posted a similar build on a Reddit thread that actually went dual wield swords for double the sparks from Sparking Swings/Master. Seemed legit! This game is so diverse.

sparking swings is currently bugged afaik , it doesnt last 3 turns , wel it does , when it isnt used that much is true , otherwise autoattacks or weapon attacks consume a turn , master of sparks does not , so the question is, is it a bug or a false description 🙂
otherwise awesome vids , love your stuff u crafty bastard 😀


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