Divinity: Original Sin 2

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(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 Conjurer starting build and how to level for Fort Joy & Hollow Marshes

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I think the conjurer and Ranger combination is Pretty nice. You can use elemental arrows to create surfaces to summon incarnates on and use their taunt ability to Not get damaged yourself. And tactical retreat of course.

Like you guides and the accent : )
What would be your recommendation/opinion/adaptation on the following party with conjurer:
1. Conjurer ( Ifan, for wolf ) + Aerotheurge ( later, additional teleport and stuns ), may be Hydrosophist ( last ) – want to play as conjurer
2. Ranger ( Sebille ), don't know what to add ( conjurer or else ) – to have the physical damage
3. Paladin for tanking ( Lohse ) 1h+shield with Hydrosophist
4. Melee damage ( red prince ) 2h ( more dps ) or 1h+shield ( more survive-ability ) Geomancer & Polymorph ( may be add a little necro? )

If you don't take a talent on character creation, you can take All Skilled Up right after the tutorial … Summoning 4 (without Lonewolf) on a level 2 character feels really powerful.

Just a note on this.
One of the best ways to build the summoner is focusing on physical damage by summoning on blood.
(The blood incarnate is actually really strong because its tankier and deals more damage and can heal itself, but it has no elemental effects or aoe)
I run 10 summon 1-2 hydro, and 3 necro. (I also recommend glass cannon.)
Get blood rain and summon the incarnate and totems onto the blood.

You can use Warfare and a bow plus necro spells. (Necro damage scales with warfare)
Then use living on the edge and last rites to revive allies, hydro for emergency heals some utility.
Your damage is actually really strong with decent autos and consistent damage from necro because of warfare.

You can dip poly for chameleon and wings. (But it's not needed I just like outs)

Before the fight just throw blood rain from outside their vision from high ground into the fighting area then start the fight by summoning your incarnate next to them. Turn 1 buff incarnate and summon a totem. Then just summon a totem every turn shoot when you can and throw whatever buffs you have on allies and use necro spell liberally. If the incarnate dies before the CD (This should never happen) you can summon a bloated corpse for more damage and some blood the damage is pretty crazy at 10 summoning or a corpse spider (though most of the time the bloated corpse will be enough and since you can't have 2 summons at once something that dies right away and costs only 1 ap feels pretty good).

I hope this helps someone.

Hey RPG Division, I was wondering what your opinion on Encourage as an ability is? I've seen super varying opinions ranging from it's very good to it's trash. Just wanted your opinion, thanks!

"Well it's simple you bastard." Omg you killed me man. Best Divinity content. <3 I had a tank/conjurer lizard (red prince). Maxed Constitution and a little bit of str for gear and warfare (taunt) and a little bit of memory for elemental surface spells. Dragon breath for fire incarnate. Is it ok to build like this? He and his bastard incarnate has taunt.


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