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How far can we trust Professional Players? Is Pro Advice always the best? And should Developers listen to Pros when it comes to the game’s Balance?

When it comes to improving at Overwatch, players often look up to the pro scene and highly ranked Streamers to get advice- But is that the right way to go about things? Let’s discuss.


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Here is what have been bugging me lately
Sombra and Doomfist have a considerable amount of bugs and a lot of them can be game breaking. Players have now taken it into their own hands, proactively working on bug reports, bless you guys. Many if not most of these bugs have been there since the characters first debuted and there is probably a lot of other heroes with bugs as well that i haven't noticed, because that's not my job

These are issues that limit players and interupt the flow of the characters, Players should only be limited by themselves not by the games they play

Low elo players opinions are irrelevant. Simple as that they cannot and do not understand the game as in depth as someone actually good as it does. Look at other esports. They take pros opinion on further patches as gospel and that's how it should be

The best pros who streams actually give soloQ advices which are viable in your own games. They give you tips about improving some techniques or doing something or not doing something. Mostly the advices are about you and not your team or your game so you can use it and improve it no matter what is your rank. That is how you climb. Many of them even have some tutorial videos with practices for many heroes etc. It is all about context. Ofc if some high rank player ask for advanced advice it will be more useful to him rather to some gold player. Also devs know everything about the game yet they are in trash ranks and they actually don't know much about the game as we play it. They don't spent 16 hours per day playing it like pros. They know all the stats and stuff but they can't use it effectively as pros. That is why they have some test teams of players to actually play the game and see how it works.

Agreed. I remember a top 500 dva player being very disappointed about the big dva change. He stopped playing her for awhile, but a couple weeks later he started playing her again because he realized better players were killing it with her and that she was still viable in the meta.

This is what I’ve always thought: It’s not that pros do or don’t know the game, it’s that they’re playing a very different game. Most strategies that pros run are completely impractical in my elo.

1:40 ' balance tuned into a huge mess as a result' i disagree with that, i can't tell about all ranks and all heros, but in season 7 first time in whole Overwatch life all supports are valuable and team don't ask 'pick this support because it's meta' also set ups more various, maybe Junkrat's mine a little bit overpower and Doomfist is bugged piece of garbage. other heroes more or less balanced as never before.

the entire world has been very caught up lately (past few decades, that is) with instructing kids wat to think, rather than teaching them how to learn. its saturated societies across continents to varying degrees. everyone from children to grown adults look to figureheads – prominent members of the niche in society they relate to (or have simply adopted) – to tell them wat to do, wat to think, how to act. the issue is that so few people have the mental tools or the wherewithal to make the distinction between celebrity & a legitimate earned authority.

overwatch is such a busy game…a bombastic colorful blur…that its hard enough sometimes to process exactly wat every single member of your team is doing in relation to mechanical skill, positioning, situational awareness, etc, while also keeping track of the enemy team in the same way. there are a hundred small details beyond this & a dozen uncontrollable variables in any given match.

thats the issue itself – everyone offers advice based upon anecdotal evidence. their own experience or the experiences of their immediate friends, or streamers & pros…as if emulating a successful strategy or team comp is a two-bit issue: do """it""" & win, or dont do """it""" & lose. its so much more complicated that the only viable strategy to improving is absorbing every shred of information you can about wat is going on around you IN ORDER TO LEARN HOW TO LEARN. anecdotal evidence can be a helpful tip, but its rarely a strategy for advancement.

the community trusts teenagers – lets be honest, kids – to tell them exactly how to play. some of these pro players dont even understand, much less could articulate to us, their grasp on the game. sometimes its innate, sometimes its reliant on a gift of mechanical skill, sometimes its easily influenced by emotional pressure (xQc feeding SK at the end of the finals recently comes to mind). its like asking a woman wat they need in a man. theyll give you an answer, sure as hell they will answer you…BUT THEY DONT FUCKING KNOW.

TL;DR if anyone is telling you exactly wat to do but not giving you the tools to figure out wat to do next on your own…then they arent worth listening to. period. if they do, then they are. doesnt matter if theyre a silver shitter or fucking seagull.

Add a team que. problem solved. Team que gets rid of the trolls, creates similarities to the pro game without the mechanic superiority. The game needs to recreate the pro game or as close as possible depending on ELO. This game is advertised as being an Esport. Create a set of guidelines and dare I say it, rules. Define what being a competitive player is.

In my opinion, they TRY to listen to the professionals. Most changes are intended to help or nerd characters for higher levels. The only change that I can think of, that catered to casuals, was Roadhog. Beyond that, they are scared to buff characters like Symmetra or Torbjorn because they already stomp lower levels and need a rework. Pretty much everything else is focused on a high level, that being said, they normally fail to actually address the issue. Mercy is a great example at the moment. That is why they appear to appeal to everyone. Nobody gets what they want despite the intention of Blizzard being a blatantly obvious trickle down balance mentality.

I am and always have been on the side of: Don't consider low level players in balancing decisions. Yes, it sounds harsh and elitist to some people, but think about it. Can you REALLY balance a game if the people playing it are going to do so poorly? To make an exaggerated example here: Let's say a hero is in the eyes of low level players underpowered, you could buff that hero to have instakill shots but it wouldn't matter if the low level players couldn't hit the shots in the first place. You'd end up with statistics claiming poor accuracy averages, low winrates and low damage over the course of the game. Now, put that instakill hero in the hands of a mechanically skilled player and watch it completely DESTROY a game. I guess you see where I'm going with this. So no, low level play should not be considered into balancing decisions, because you simply cannot balance a game for it to be played completely differently than intended.

This whole mess is because blizzard cant decide if they want this game to be casual as fuck and kill the competitive scene or if they want to follow common sense after trying to establish a "competitive scene" and balance for ladder and its very obvious they dont care because remember one tricking and screwing over multiple teams is okay because "i bought ow for 40$ so i can play who ever i want" IE the one trick defense and "smurfs arent that big of a problem" yea okay so now i know my smurfs wont get banned because "its not a problem"

This is shit most humans don't think of. You're one of those few who think a few step longer.
I also hate how people think if they play as the pros and they'll automaticly climb. But it doesn't works since they firstly can't play like that and secobdly, their team can't.

I like your videos and I have nothing against you. however i think its kinda hypocritical as you make overwatch tip videos and your telling everyone not to trust pros and youtubers. nothing againt you though, your videos are really good

I prefer taking advice from Harbleu, Chro, and PvPTwitch but then take advice from someone of a rank lower than them but higher than me (IE Plat or Diamond).

1:38 I have to stop you right there, I been saying that exact same thing to all my Xbox live friends, Overwatch has its attention divided on two groups that rarely share a common goal.
"you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time"

Everybody understands the concept which is pro play vs ladder play, but most pros are highest on the ladder and use a lot of their pro plays on it. A lot of tips are really good actually. I️ don’t think people need you to tell them that since they play in pro leagues that people shouldn’t trust them on ladder. Good coordination and mechanics is what makes a pro a pro, but solo queue you can win just by making good plays – which is what pros teach a lot of

Games shouldn't be balanced around low level play for the obvious reason that they don't know how to play the game properly yet. But do I agree with what you said, high level ladder play should be the basis for balance but that doesn't mean ignore low level players either. If gating mechanics are too harsh the low level players wont stick around to grow. But absent of gating you the current ladder which is a shit show and data and input from ladder players is very valuable. And wtf is this new comment box, it's so tiny.


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