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Hey guys! Today, I’ve got a Tracer guide on how to improve your aiming (with pistols AND your ultimate)! I also go over sensitivity numbers, and then more in-depth on drills! Here is a timeline:

Sensitivity: 0:40

Drill #1: 04:06

Drill #2: 05:51

Drill #3: 06:45

Drill #4: 08:37

Drill #5: 09:30

TIP #1: 10:07

Drill #6: 11:54

Drill #7: 13:26

Drill #8: 15:27

Drill #9: 16:45

TIP #2: 17:03

Drill #10: 17:52

TIP #3: 18:17

TIP #4: 19:27

Drill #11: 22:05

TIP #5:…

Love all of this, except for the suggestion to jump while shooting. Jumping makes you super predictable in your movement and arc. I don't recommend jumping at all. Try unpredictable AD strafing instead ๐Ÿ™‚

I`ve watched a lot of guides, but this one is absolutely the best. Can someone explain me what "Bobble" means in 22:14 Pro tip ?
And another question. Dibz where do you have melee attack while playing tracer? ๐Ÿ™‚ Where is the most comfortable place for you ? ๐Ÿ™‚

For those who need a quick summary of the drills for daily practice:

Drill #1 – Keep crosshair on non-moving target while you are moving around it (without picking up your mouse).
Drill #2 – Flick to targets consistently.
Drill #5 – Making adjusting your aim while blinking AUTOMATIC .

Drill #3 – Keep crosshair on moving targets while you are moving as well.
Drill #4 – Do 180's while flicking to targets.
Drill #6 – Blink (in different directions) while shooting moving targets.
Drill #7 – Blink and do 180's while shooting moving targets. (know the distance of your blink)
Drill #8 – Flick and snap to targets after recalling.
Drill #11 – Adjust your aim to jumping targets while you are also jumping.

Drill #9 – Blink, then stick your Pulse Bomb to a moving target then blink away.
Drill #10 – Blink so that you are DIRECTLY in front of your moving target then turn to face it. (helps with aiming the Pulse Bomb)

Tip #1 (helps with Drill #5) – Aim your mouse in the opposite direction you are blinking. (e.g. blink left (with A), mouse right. blink right (with D), mouse left.)
Tip #2 (helps with Drill #9) – Wait about half a second to aim your Pulse Bomb. Don't throw it immediately after you blink.
Tip #3 (may help with blinking drills) – Consider changing your ultimate button to SHIFT or set SHIFT as an alternate key for your Ultimate.
Tip #4 (may help with Pulse Bomb drills) – Rebind your blink ability to RIGHT-CLICK instead.
Tip #5 (general aim) – "Bobble" your aim while shooting healers/jumpers.

Please refer to the video for more elaboration on each of these points! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are on ps4 I recommend changing your jump to L2 instead of the X button on your ps4 remote. L2 just serves as another button to blink on Tracer along with L1. This way you don't have to lift your thumb off of the Right Analog Stick in order to click the X button and jump. Tracer is one of the few characters you can do this with since her L2 doesn't do anything different than her L1.

I'd say to those who have been playing on PC (already have muscle memory), try and flick with higher and lower sensitivity to see if you need to fine adjust for better consistency. I used Mcrees to fine adjust the flick shot and it made it more consistent when switching to Tracer as well.

Dude! Thanks so much, I turned the setting off in the controls and I'm noticing a way better aim the before. I'm actually really getting into Widowmaker right now because my shots are so accurate.
Funny thing is, I have played with this option on for about… 7 years? 6 Years of those were on Call of Duty, and 1 year on Overwatch.
And I found about this option only now… I'm so dumb >.<

Also, I really like your channel and the content you post, you're a really good player and your voice is very suiting hahah. Very calm and nice to listen to (might be your microphone aswell, which one is it!?)
Anyway, thanks for this video. I'm trying Tracer soon aswell to see if it feels better or not!

Greetings a fellow ex-support main hehe!

I used to have a budget Five Below mousepad and a Deathadder chroma. My tracking was insane, but my deathadder gave up and obviously I wanted a new mousepad as well. The old mousepad had a wrist rest and was tiny, so I only knew how to wrist aim, and I only had a 60hz monitor. I have now had a QcK+ mousepad and a G403 mouse for 6 months now, as well as a 144hz monitor, but I've only just realized that I've gotten too adjusted to arm aiming to know how to switch to wrist aiming when I need to, do you have any tips to get adjusted between arm and wrist aiming?

EDIT: Just thought I should add that I'm great at flicking between targets and locking on to enemies with a 180 blink, but it's just the tracking that proves to be a problem against people like Lucio, Ana, little D.Va, and Sombra with smaller hitboxes (oddly enough not enemy Tracer), when it used to not be that way.

Im struggling a lot with the mouse sensitivity.
At low levels, its completely unplayable for me. I can't even do a 180 without picking up the mouse at those levels. And when I'm tracking, I have to pick it up even more, even though I'm using the exact same settings as you are (I even have the same mouse somehow). I'm just really bad at aiming in general, and it's super frustrating..

idk if you are retarded or uneducated, but the game is in raw input by default Edit: i unpaused the video to continue watching and you said "i came from a csgo background" uhh yeah in that game raw input is also a thing .

Hi I'm in platinum and a tracer main it turns out I someone how skipped two of your drills before seeing this and this whole time time I've been 1clipping bots in training before seeing your guide but my critical hit ratio is still lacking to my accuracy as I have an average of 40% but an average crit rate of 5.6%

I hadn't even thought about checking the desktop sensitivity… My basic tracking was pretty decent before, but I was always a little wild when flicking, taming it back a tick here and there calmed it down so I'm hitting those few extra shots much better now. I'm actually stoked to run these drills before matches tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers dude!

Another tip i would like to add which can make up for 'bobbling' to a certain extent is aiming for the targets neck instead of head. When tracer fires the pistol, there's gonna be spread across in all directions and the bullets that go vertically upsides will miss the target's head if you aim straight for their head due to recoil. This was taken from IDDQD or Surefours Tips. [Forgot who]. Overally great in depth video!


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