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Game Master Kurt Wiegel reviews and educates viewers on role playing games.
This episode Kurt reviews Marchland for Savage Worlds by Hearthstone Games.
Game Geeks
Host:Kurt Wiegel
Intro music by & © Steve Allen
Production: Rob Mattison
Game Geeks © 2013 PugKnows Productions

Great video. Both informative and entertaining, as always. I'd be interested to hear Kurt's opinion on the Streets of Bedlam setting for Savage Worlds. I've been contemplating checking it out, but I'd like to hear an expert opinion on this gritty crime setting first. 

Sounds like a good wee setting.  From what you've said you could darken it if need be but I like that its a nice light setting as standard as it makes it different in feel to the other more famous urban fantasy games.

EDIT:  Having re-watched the video and seeing that it was available for under £11 I've bought it.  I cna see it easily being used as a nice background for either a game in the vein of Dresden or Death's Daughter 🙂


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