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Learn new and amazing tips, tricks and stats you have never before witnessed in any guide ever. Improve your Hanzo game play to the extreme and crush everyone around you.

General Stats: 1:05
Ultimate Ability: 2:53
Damage Done: 4:34
Damage Received: 7:17
Tips and Tricks: 7:50

Massive thanks to TheHappyPenguin for helping me test everything out. Here is the link to his channel.

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ur scatter arrow guide is wrong. He shot 10 arrows with each scatter arrow ! Thats 750 dmg. But only if all of them Hit the enemy. Thats very hard and most time luck. u can one shot reinhardt/dva

He's defensive because his skill set requires him to "set up," however I play him on attack payload, reaper on defence control points, it depends on you're team comp really

Better mic
Remove the (number 1,2,etc) thing

Otherwise this guide is by far the best hanzo guide I've ever seen, and I'm definitely gonna check out ur channel to see if there's more of these

This was a really great guide, looking at the gameplay I trust you know what you are talking about. The tips helped me a lot and improved my aiming and awareness. Keep it up.

Your Overwatch guides are probably the best guides ever. They're so in-depth & useful. You MUST do a guide for every character.

Can you do McCree next? Or do you have a planned schedule on who to do next?

Amazing videos. Love the stats and obvious research you've put into this stuff. I would humbly suggest changing the sound bites on your section transition. Maybe they were thought to be funny originally, but they are like nails on a chalkboard in the videos. You've done a great job of conveying professional details and information in a laid back manor, just spruce those transitions up a bit and you'd have some easy home runs. Keep up the great work.

Ok so this is a little bit of constructive critisicm,

1. Your transfers aren't the best cuz of that slo mo voice so you should change that to just like u saying what is next up on the list. Instead of that voice
2. Add some music in the back of the whole video


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