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Want to make a GREAT midrange druid deck but hate the bs those aggro decks throw at you alot of times. Well this druid deck I came up with fairs alot better in the early game and owns mid to late game.


2 innervate
2 wrath
2 keeper of the grove
2 swipe
2 druid of the claw
2 ancient of lore
1 bloodmage thalnos
1 nat pagle
2 sunfury protector
1 earthen ring farseer
1 harvest golem
1 shattered sun cleric
1 tinkmaster overspark
2 chillwind yeti
2 ancient watcher
1 cenarius
1 sylvanas…

with the amount of legendaries you have you are basically playing this opponent on super easy mode. For this i don't really get why you think you are so clever at the game! But i digress!


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