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Hearthstone KotFT | Review & highlights from my first day of playing my #Oktoberbrawl account
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Sealed would be such a cool format for this game. Get like 10 of each standard set plus a welcome bundle, make the best deck you can and run through an arena-style ladder. I love the idea of trying to making a pile of jank work but the relative blindness of drafting just isn't as enjoyable.

This is the worst event ever, if you can even call it. Watching streamer play with a new account is something… but why giving the packs to them, instead of players? That's just bullshit.

5:00 By the way, I'm pretty sure they said "NO MORE DUPLICATES ON PACKS". Guess the lied, like always, and only apply it on newers packs.

So the gold he gets he can buy classic packs with, and then at the Blizz event he gets packs for wins people playing with the Light card back get, but what pack type can he get with those wins?

What idiot in Blizzard marketing made an event for only 6 people? There's an infinite amount of card backs out there, even if it was free the """"event"""" would've been incredibly lame. Why wasn't this a mode everybody could participate in?

I played hearthstone a month ago and been playing arena for a while now and I have the most shittiest experience just now.. A fucking mage has a 3 fireballs 1 forbidden flame 2 meteors 1 polymorph and a fucking 1 flamestrike .. omfg this shit is real and omg that game was 7-2


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