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Hearthstone KnC | My thoughts on the current situation in Arena
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True. I got this utter shit garbage rogue deck with only 3 6 mana+ cards, very low quality all around, but it had a few decent tempo plays, and it went 8-3. I was expecting a 0-3 just because of the horrendous card quality. Yes yes just one game and everything, but tempo has generally definitely worked for me for the past few days.

I returned to Hearthstone after a SUPER long hiatus just for the Dungeon runs. While the runs have been mostly fun but frustrating rng fests, Arena has been torture. First Hunter deck 9 wins, after that a smattering of 4-6 win runs with Mage, another Hunter that was no where near as good as the first, and some pretty good Priest decks. Mostly it's been happenings of fairly easily starting out 3-0,4-1,etc then nose dives with games all but coming down to the rng of starting hand tempo.

i had a dream where i played arena, and there was this promotion where the first card you pick costs 0 mana for the whole run. i played warlock, i got a 3 mana 2/4 Imp that spawns more imps (forgot his name,) went against a priest who got some random 1-attack 4-drop. I was doing pretty well, and on turn 6 I used my 6 mana 'Gather your party' which recruited my y'shaarj. y'shaarj recruited nozdormu, but it was turn 6, and the priest had 2 deaths. i lost.

the next game, in my dream, i went against a guy that played a 0 mana nozdormu. i lost.

i won't play arena anymore. not even in my dreams.

Im with you on dungeon runs Kripp. I really hope they expand it in the future. Maybe every other expansion we get a handful of new bosses with new gimmicks. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Been watching too much Trump and Kibler, Kripp's intro looks so animated and jittery it looks like he's on something. Considering how many times he pisses and moans over a turn of luck, well…


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