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Hearthstone is fantastic and I have lost many hours to it. However, with recent price hikes and updates it has definitely made me rethink my addiction. I am not jumping on the backlash bandwagon, as I still really enjoy it and I don’t foresee myself quitting anytime soon. Needing a break, I decided to look at other online card games to fill the void from shameless clones to themes not yet used in collectible card games (CCGs). I haven’t yet settled on a replacement, but have looked at a…

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Hearthstone AFK abuse

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Hearthstone how good is mech priest its not dont get fooled by perfect draw – GogetaSuperx

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Hearthstone – Climbing the Ladder #6

Video is ready, Click Here to View × Slowly climbing the ranked ladder after changing the region from Europe to Americas. The last queued up Hearthstone video before new ones get published, hopefully with mic by then. Trigger Warning! I’m awful 😀 ___ Battlenet ID: Yukarine#2366 ___ My new donate …