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How to draft and play a Warrior deck in HS Arena. Sorry for loud game audio, will fix for next one! — Read my complete guide at: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/topic/9742094161

I can't believe you said Inner Rage is not a good card, its one of the best warrior cards, its so versatile, can either remove an opposing minion, buff yours, combos with all enrages, and its free.

Been watching all your videos and today i got the chance to run warrior and i went 9/1, i tried my best to draft accordingly, even tho i had do skip 1 weapon to get a card draw.

ty for your help, keep making videos =p

great video. The 2 comments i have:
Your voice volume is a little low at some parts.
And instead of just saying "this card is shit" or "that was a bad play by him" if you could include a quick explanation of why I would really appreciate it. Overall great informative videos, and I look forward to more!


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