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Hearthstone: C’thun Druid (Rank 10) [Sept ’17]
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Since moving to twitch the quality of your YouTube videos has really gone down hill. Do you think people want to hear you in the bathroom taking a dump? Most people would edit that out of their videos.

I think ramping with nourish was a mistake. Looked great short term but in the long term you ran out of gas super quickly.

You would have drawn something you could have played next turn.

Well Rob sometimes I feel bad due to your luck in this game xD #BetterDrawsforRob nice video men I try c'thun in almost every class due to the fun you can have. Hearthstone could be a better game if people stop playing op and brainless decks just to climb and start create/use differents decks for fun…. sometimes I lost but I feel better that my opponent just for the fun I have in a game…


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