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The Combo Dragon Priest is one of the more stable decks after the release of Patch 10.2 (Kobolds & Catacombs). Galokot takes an in depth dive at the deck, it’s current state in the meta and how to best utilize this decks strength to pull of some awesome one turn kill combos! Be sure to share and subscribe! Deck strings below!

Script: Galokot | https://twitter.com/Galokot

Video Editor: Connor Tapp | https://twitter.com/ConnBreezy

Voice Over: Judy Jetset | https://twitter.com/jetset_…

I try these deck and had problems with nearly everything specialy Warlock, these video give me some ideas of how I have to pilot it, but sometimes you are unlucky and canยดt get the dragons ability or the historian active and you struggle to survive versus serious aggro.

I tried this deck yesterday. I have to say I found it a lot harder to pilot than I thought. I was constantly trying to look for pieces whilst maintaining a high health minion on board. I ran into difficulties when more than one taunt would go up and I was wishing I had run a second silence lol

i really like these videos but i think it would be more enjoyable if there was more excitement and enthusiasm in the voice over, not trying to mean or anything just trying to provide feedback.


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