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Getting a big soapstone stove like this up to temp can be a challenge…. so can viewing this video.

I have equinox woodstove I've had it for going on my sixth year. It heats my Home spectacularly. But the side door latch broke I replaced it and it still not working right. The ash hopper door is a poor design ashes fall to the bottom and you have to sweep them out in order to close the door back. The shake thing they have to get the ashes to fall into the Ashhopper is useless. And the damper will get stuck when you open it all the way up or shut it all the way. One of the pipes that burns the smoke fell out.

This is the best demonstration on YouTube of this gorgeous and classically designed stove. I'm trying to convince my brother to pony up the money for this stove, but I think I would get one with a blower to move some of that heat, but your external fan is doing that too i guess.

Great video. I have a new Manchester, broke it in properly, but am having trouble getting it up to the start up temperatures that you show. I'm using an infrared digital thermometer to measure the stove top temperatures. (The stove top thermometer I bought failed to read above 200 F and had me in a panic. So, I bought an IR thermometer at Home Depot.) The highest temperature I can reach after about three hours and lots of wood is a little over 500 F. The stove burns well and builds a deep bed of coals, but it takes a long time and lots of wood. The stove is in the basement of a two-story house, so the masonry flue extends from the basement through two stories, the attic and the roof. That is at least 30 feet. Is it possible that I am getting excess draft and need a stove pipe damper?

By the way, the temperatures vary greatly across the top of the stove and the sides. On the top, the hottest spot is front center. On the sides, the hottest spots are the lowest course of soapstone. Just an observation; probably not important.

thank you for your video, i have a soapstone hearthstone heritage model. we just got it last year, its been the best investment so far, I love my stove. however i'm concern not for the stove, but for the set up, i have almost the same set up as you do, and my concern is that the back wall heats up quick.
 Does your back wall gets very hot?  i was thinking on adding like a brick wall behind it.. but i see that yours  dont need it…. i really dont know what to do.. some advise would help me. thank you!!!
nice cabin and cats!!!

You've got the Equinox stove, which is the biggest available, I think. My wife and I are buying the Heritage model. Do you like your stove? We're interested in seeing how the soapstone will work for us. Does it keep a fire all night long?

I have the "Hearthstone – Phoenix". 9 of the 11 soap stones cracked, and the paint on the front of the stove started to crack. I did not over fire my stove. I sent the stove back to Hearthstone in vermont, they replaced all the soapstones, and replaced a few other parts for me. Watch your stones, they shouldn't crack. Mine were so bad, I have creosote dripping out the cracks down the side of my stove.

My Father-in-law has the same stove "Hearthstone – Equinox". The latch were the handle turns into broke in the first year. It happened in the middle of the winter, so he had to get the part ordered from Hearthstone. Luckily the stove has two doors. He had to prop the front door closed with his ash shovel until the he got the part. Just a peice of advice, get a spare door latch, cause it's a bad design.

Just remember the factory gives you a conservative high fire temp for you not to go over. They also take into considerastion that some will run hotter and once in a while you will get it too hot. A good stove should be able to handle occasional overfire conditions. I have no issues with mine. Love it.



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