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how viable are renodecks without reno? Justicar and inspire are also leaving next year. So not sure if im gonna spend 1600 dust on a deck that will be good for 4 months or so :/

Saraad + Beardo + Raza (+ shadowform)

Playing it with some cheap Priest spells and maybe an emperor tick might actually get you an OTK

Just off the top of my head…
Beardo (3)
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 2 damage
Mind blast(2) – 7 dmg
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 9 dmg
Mind blast(2) – 14 dmg
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 16 dmg
Embrace the Shadow (2)
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 18 dmg
Flash Heal (1)
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 23 dmg
Circle of Healing (0)
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 25 dmg
Circle of Healing (0)
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 27 dmg
Silence (0)
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 29 dmg
Silence (0)
Shadowformed hero power (0) – 31 dmg

The cards are actually pretty interchangeable. Saraad probably make it more consistent by potentially giving you more cheap spells. Also remember that it doesn't actually have to OTK to be really powerful for, say board control (every hero ping can hit a creature, after all).

No, its the wording on that card that makes it good. your Hero Power costs (0) this game. and not your current Hero Power
It's similar to Give a minion +1 Attack. Or Give a minion +1 Attack this turn.
Raza will ultimately set your Hero Power cost to 0. Unless they fucked up the text and it's not what they intended, but by the card text it should not matter if you switch your Hero Power.

I want to try out Shadow Priest with that card.

Secret casino mage, Grand crusader for Mysterious Challenger for when your secrets are in your deck or Faceless Summoner for Cloaked Huntress when your secrets are in your hand. I have never rolled either but I have fun and blizzard clearly wants me to succed.

Imagiine a match-up where as a mage you play Kabal Courier into Raza the Chained and you also play Coldarra Drake. That would be just insane. There are few chances for these match-up to actually happpen, but just think about it

I'm not sure if "no duplicate"-decks will be still viable after the rotation hits. Giving up consistency without having the option of a full heal is pretty risky. Let's hope the meta slows down^^

If you're on the coin, you can go
Turn 1: lackey+secret
Turn 2: lackey+secret, coin Runner.
OR you can play the two lakeys on turn one and the Runner on turn 2.
That's scary. Almost impossible to pull off, i know.

After getting your hero power cost reduced to zero
play Majordomo with Auctionmaster Beardo (refreshes your hero power after casting a spell) in your deck
when you are Ragnaros, I think it's easy to pull an OTK
you need 3 hero powers on average which is easy to pull

Nox, hi! I wanted to point out the RED CRYSTALS that Kabal Crystal Runner is carrying with her. Plus Toxic Sewer Ooze is actually trying to devour some red crystals. Have you noticed? Can it be some new hint on the apparition of the mysterious red crystals in Hearthstone?

I wonder how powerful Raza can actually be. At first glance it looks like an absolute beast, but you must consider this: when having a free hero power is really meaningful? When you have already used all of your mana but you want to heal something.
How often is that going to happen?
The fact is that a turn 5 raza is really helpful when you need to reach turn 10, but the more you approach that point the less value you are going to get out of that discount.
With Kibler I've seen plenty of priest games, and usually on turn 10 you always have that 2 mana to use your hero power. In those scenarios, which are pretty damn common in the priest late game, Raza is practically useless.
Tell me what do you think about this

first combo that needs to happen:

the legend card from priest that makes your hero power go to 0 mana,

the drake from mage that let you hero power as much as you want (mindvision thoughtsteal, never going to happen)

Legend of priest that summons legendarys OR the card that deals 4 dmg to both heros each time you use your hero power

Thing is raza is only good early, I mean on later turns it wouldn't really be impactful because you could do things with mana left over anyhow.
Buttttt with big inspire and if you make sure you don't go topdeck mode then it could be incredible


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