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DECK: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/235424-heroic-lord-victor-nefarius-video
Can see all the BRMs bosses on my chanel 🙂

I made it at the 4th try, thx. It's funny cos Nefarian killed one of his 9/9 with a shadow word:death he got from Wild magic, hahahaha. For a moment I thought he wanted me to win. However at some point he suddenly looked like to be enraged and refused to die during 2 turns casting a lot of spells. I even thought I could loose but finally I beated him =)

Except of course this deck almost always loses when:

a) you don't get the essential buff cards in your opening hand
b) you don't get the 6/6 taunt from rag
c) nef gets mass dispel
d) nef gets silence early game
e) nef gets lightbomb
f) nef gets KT or Sylvannas off a mindgames
g) nef gets shadow word death

It's pretty common at least one of those things will happen in each game and better decks are out there. Icyveins in particular has 2 decks which both work better than this one from my experience.

I was looking for a couple decks to get this done quickly I came across your deck watched your vid and was surprised you won with all the misplays you committed (no offense). So had to give deck a try and honest to God himself first try I bodied Nefarius with 25 hp left on board. Deck works… I just replaced lightspawn and wild pyro for mind control techs.. But good deck thanks.

Rag HAS to give you that taunt to open for this to work. Perfect card draw needed or you lose over and over.

8 games + now, havent gotten that taunt once.

Edit: changed my mind. This doesnt work at all.


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