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In this video we take on Heroic Steel Sentinel, the 11th boss of the League of Explorers Adventure and the 2nd boss of the Hall of Explorers Wing, with a Mage deck made entirely of free to play cards!

The decklist is available here: http://i.imgur.com/p9hi7ce.jpg

Mulligan: Elven Archer, Huge Toad, Jeweled Scarab and Arcane Missiles are things you want to have early. If you manage to draw a Brann Bronzebeard or Polymorph it will probably be worth holding onto one of them though.

Cards to…

I played my exodia mage (I know, not basic or common, but I'm not as crazy as you are :D) and by the time I collected all my cards to start fireballing, he's got 71 life (including armour)… So, I had enough time to watch your video while killing him one by one point 😀

this piece of sh*t has "brawl" and "enter the coliseum"– the filthy pole smoker…

I keep setting up really nice boards against him and he pulls those. He has at least 2 brawls and 1 "enter the coliseum." Absolute insanity the lengths they went through to be trolls for the heroics. I get challenging but this is fringing on sadistic.

Using this same deck i just had him get a charged warhammer from his blingtron making this fight just a regular fight since his hero power became deal 2 damage. Also my summoning stone gave me that 7/7 that doubles your spells and hero powers and i got a pyroblast from my cabalist's tomb so that did 20 damage lol xD i am SOO lucky.

With Wotog being out, I I highly advice cabalist's tome with summoning stone. Summoning stone> Frost nova> Tome + that what comes out of tome. It is really annoying to have a flame strike just for a random minion an cabalist's tome gets almost the same effect and gets more spells out of the tome, therefore more minions. Really effective

Thank you so much for this video and this deck. I used the exact one you made of course and I have finally beaten The Steel Sentinel. This was the normal one not even the Heroic. Going to use this deck again when I eventually get onto the Heroics.

Thanks for the videos. They've been very helpful throughout my heroics endeavors. Not sure if the LoE expansion is easier or if I'm getting better at building decks for solo, bu thaven't needed as much help. But this one, I couldn't seem to get a deck that was consistently getting close to beating it. The basic quality ensures anyone can do it to, maybe not ever the most efficient, but really enjoy the ease of access for them.

this boss is actually easier then it seems however only if u have 3 cards
Caldarra Drake
Maiden of the Lake
Dalaran Aspirant
with those 3 cards on the field, you can use your hero power 10 times a turn, and pump up the aspirant for +10 spell damage, this helps Arcane Missles deal a shit load late game, i ended up with an Aspirant that said "your spell cards deal 26 additional damage" lol easy mode
also i used KT and Emperor Cobra (destroy any minion damaged by this minion) for insta kills on those taunts and its a renewable source so a must-have
for his legendary taunts i use Polymorph and on stuff he ended up buffing with the +4/+4 card or i used Iron Beak Owl
Unfortunately he uses weapons almost every other turn so i had to use 2 Mirror Image, 2 Acidic Swamps and 2 Annoy-o-trons to keep his weapon damage in check :/
also used Youthful Brewmaster on the Acidic Swamps for when i only had 1 Acidic Swamp in hand
Polymorph: Boar is just 2 more Polymorphs that help alot
2 Counterspells and 1 Ice Barrier
the counterspells are for his Enter the Coliseum and Brawl which are "blow everything up" spells and it really saved me for when i was trying to get the 3 cards i mentioned at the top on the board at the same time


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