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So I have been playing HearthStone a good bit recently, and I have been kind of annoyed with the exchange rate between arcane dust and cards, and so I was curious how much arcane dust you would get if you opened $50 worth of packs and disenchanted every single card that you got from them. So I decided to document this process by making a video of it, and I thought if anything it might get some attention and perhaps coax Blizzard to improve their crafting rates; as I think part of the reason…

this video is such non sense. i've spent maybe max 50 bucks on this game since it's release. and i have a shitton of legendaries i don't know what to do with them. the trick is.. you don't actually disenchant anything you don't already have. get good at arena and spend your money in arena. alot better than actually buying packs imo

I got extremely lucky today

I bought 2 old god packs

the first pack had a golden epic and the second had a golden legendary

I took screenshot straight away and sent to all my friends to make them all jealous

1) Should've just counted dust duh
2) Nerfed cards give full value
3) The point of opening packs is you keep the cards, disenchanting is a total waste. If you keep your cards you will have a less net loss. I know people who complain they have no cards, but it's just cuz the disenchant and reenchant, etc

Ofcourse the ratio is devided into such big differences, blizzard want to make money so in their situation, why would they ever wanna make it so there's actually a benefit for you in the card craft / disenchant cases ?.

Thank you for the video. I also think that the game is far too expensive. Moreover I find it funny that people still believe that this game is much about skill.
Two days ago I started to play this game again. There was one quest in which I should spectate a wining friends game. So I did and the reward was a pack of cards. I opened it and found my first legen ever inside. It was nothing fancy just "Nat Pagle". I disenchanted it ofc and then went on and made myself an "Alexstrasza". I am playing a mage. And I build a freeze mage deck with only Alexstrasza for legendary and nothing else really special.

My win rate went up and I won against those who did not have a legendary or when they had one, it was about who had the suitable cards for the particular stage of the game that we were in. The one who had better luck with cards won the game. Those who had two or more legendaries just won the game because they had them.
And on my side I had the same feeling about my game against those who did not have any legendaries in their deck yet. They just had no chance. I didn't even have to do much to win really. Both situations, both when you know you can't do shit to win, and when you know you will win regardless, are pretty disappointing to me.

There are videos of so called pro gamers out there, who have their semi competitive games as soon as both rivalries have all the cards that they can have and it is all nice and so on. But as this video here shows it is 1. too expensive to get them all 2. As soon as you have the cards it is no rocket science to play this game. Mostly it depends on your hand.

I guess the only period when there is some real competition going on is when new cards come in and people start building new decks to counter each other out. After a little while however it is all back to normal.

I think the only place to really play is the Arena.

I do agree.. I read the statement from blizzard that its because in trading the most common cards become practicly useless, which is true. They ensured a value for low cards, but because of the exchange rate lower cards might be worth something but your higher cards are worth much less..

But im not sure they can change it, becaues people invested a lot of money already. But yes it would be better if they changed it.. There is already so many cards that getting the one you want at random is hard.

I had hoped actually that they maxed out cards so you could only even have 2.. its a digital card game, there is nothing wrong with that..

Dude. First video I liked, why because it makes sense, if you want to make one epic card it will cost you 400 that is either eighty common, twenty rare, four epic, or one whole legendary card. Why do they do this we may never know, but I do think that they don't have this as a pay to win just to have people get a taste of the game and how it feels and if they like it they will pay to play and get a higher rank! It is a, 8/1 for a single common card, 5/1 for a single rare, 4/1 for a single epic and 4/1 again for a legendary, the first number of those fractions are how many common/rare/epic/legendary cards it will take to make a SINGLE card of that rank. I hope you people read this mostly the one's who believe that it isn't hard to craft cards. I play this game and yes I will pay fifty dollars for packs in this game because I like it, I am not now I am saving up, I don't need better cards to best higher ranked cards, watch deck spotlights and you will see why if you don't have a card suggested for the deck then make it your own deck how you think it should be played.

I disagree, I think we should be praising Blizzard for such a wonderful take on the f2p model. The important thing is that you have options. You can be creative with the commons you get and win in ranked. You can play arena and earn the cards while learning. OR you can shell out $.


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