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In this video, I demonstrate how to beat the Lich King with a 4 card combo. Basically, if you can give taunt to a Stoneskin Gargoyle and buff it to at least 9 health and 6 attack, then the Lich King won’t attack with Frostmourne or any of his minions. You can then build a board big enough to beat the Lich King in one turn. This is easily accomplished by playing a Scaled Nightmare.

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Thank you so much. I am trying to beat him with the paladin for the past 2 weeks but now when I used it dude. First try I crushed the shit out of him thank you so much
Edit: now I did with mage and got arthas omg thx
Q: is this an original idea??

So with shaman you not only gotta have brann and gargoyle in hand, but you also got to have had a far sight – which has to draw into bonemare!? 🙁

edit: i did just win with your hunter deck, thank you!


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