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Finally, an arena guide from the one and only Randomi. This is how you’ve always supposed to play arena. Get those 7 wins and keep playing

Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/randomplayeri
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Randomplayeri

Good vid but one thing I noticed you can work on is life tapping before you play your turn. Most of the time you play your turn then tap last (if you have the manna). 🙂 GG dude!

Hey Randomi. Good viedeo, but I want to add some things:
– I give you the tier list as they were posted on some secret redits and stuff: Tier 1 and 2 Hunter, Tier 3 All other classes except Warrior and Shaman that are tier 4.
– At the start of each expansion (for a week or two) HSArena Tool gives kind of wrong numbers, keep that in mind. I really feel like when you said that other card was better (the one with deathrattle summ 3 murlocs) you were right, so yeah it's better to take what you want if score difference isn't more then 10.
– You get at least 50g back if you pass 4 wins I think. So even if your avg. is between 4 and 5 wins and you enjoy arenas, then play arenas instead of buying packs for profit. I.E: Until now, this expansion, I've played only a few arenas 10 or so (and got really bad luck), in total would have spent 50 less gold if I was buying the packs instead of playing, but if we count the 200 extra dust then I count it as a win.


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