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Medivh is missing and the party is out of control! But not all is lost – there is still time until the guests arrive and Trump is here to save the night.

► The Spire heroic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEh79eWLbqk
► The Menagerie normal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx662VZNHIM

★ Value games at:…

Hi. Serious question (may sound like it's not).

I'm searching for a specific shot (PIC) of Medivh in which he fall to his knees. Heard it's on the end of the expansion.

I scrolled thru the video but can't find it… Can someone help me? Thanks!

17:21 – uh, I hope you looked up what these bosses were and the best decks to defeat them, because if you didn't…you're a freak. It took me six tries to defeat the final boss and that was without looking shit up.

But I will admit just outright bopping Malchezaar on the head with Medivh's staff was pretty funny. 😛

you said it trump…. this is just insultingly bad -.- bosses play AS BAD AS POSSIBLE oO they have like anti AI that does things in the wrong order all the time… its not even random -.- this is so pathetic holy shit

I just realised, ONiK takes place before the opening of the Dark Portal. If this was canon (I know it isn't), it would make Nazra one of the first orcs on Azeroth. The only other ones I can think of only show up earlier because of time travel.

If shifter is a class card, and you play Ethereal Peddler, I'm assuming it will get discounted by two. But if the shifter shifts again, does it keep the discount? What about if it shifts to a neutral card?

I felt so happy watching Trump fail at the Rogue challenge. I won that challenge so easily that I missed lethal one turn, then shived myself in the face the turn after just to see what else was in the deck.


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