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Shocklingly after seeing this I pulled the magi robe for the first time in a couple hundred games, I got to the last boss and ran out of cards and got mana burned. Totally lame. It really seems like getting a good run is like a 1 in a hundred chance that is rolled by random dice honestly.

The problem here is it is complete BS luck to even get good draws. As a pro player I managed to pull shit about 45 times before getting 3 -4 runs that might have been winnable, only to be complete BS cheated in the final room with darkness boss, or 2 stupid legendary hunters back to back before final room. Kobolds is the worst crap luck game I have ever seen in hearthstone. Watching it change over the years, it is just getting worse. I like that you can do the dungeon run, but it is such shit luck that is really ruins the fun of it. Beyond that the more times you run it, the more rare shit boss rooms end up everywhere. It is getting less and less fun to play by the day. Blizzard ruined this expansion in my opinion. I love the concept, I even love the cards, but they dropped the soap with the execution of this expansion being such a shit luck run. I wish they would have put more thought into the starting decks of each class, I personally think their choices are absolutely jacked up. I hate most of the starting decks for all classes and I would not run this starting decks in my normal decks about 90 percent of the time. The easiest time I have had is with secret / fireball mage and doing mass fireballs with mage. Beyond that you will likely get steamrolled in the last round about 90 percent of the time with bad pulls for the room to room wins. Just crap in my opinion. I would have rather blizzard charged for the expansion and actually made it playable like the expansion before litch king. They just keep making the make more about bs luck and steamrolling players with crap cards. The fact that bonemare, cobalt dragon and several other key cards are not really in this just irritate me. A great mini game to piss you off once or more a day, but complete luck to actually get through it.


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