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As mentioned last episode, we looking at Lilian Voss today, another sizable episode. Hope you all enjoy!

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Artists: Genzoman: Lilian Voss
Will Murai: Kobolds and Catacombs splash art
Samwise Didier: Lordearon Crest
Slawomir Maniak: Ultimate Infestation
Chris Robinson: Ashebringer cover
Ludo Lullabi+ Tony Washington: Ashbringer Comic art
James Ryman:…

Only fault in your video is your claim of her time of birth, true it is not certain when she was born. But going by the timeline, Lillian had to be atleast 18-20 years old before she died as an adult. She was risen in year 28. And the scourge wrought havoc over lordearon in year 20. So she was born far before the scourge came to lordearon. Giving her enough reason to hate it. And being approximately 12 years old when her father set up the scarlet crusade it is highly likely she joined her father with out question as that was common in the culture she was raised in.

I wanted to highlight this point as this was the only part of speculation in your video. And if she were born around the time her father made the scarlet crusade it would mean she was 8 before she died.


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