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Blizzard’s free-to-play card game Hearthstone is rolling out for iPad, get a quick overview of the game from Erick and Ty.

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Gamespot… I am disappointed. ¬†Hearthstone is a game that's been out there. ¬†Most if not all of us KNOW what Hearthstone is… and if not, a simple link to one of your previous videos will suffice to explain what it is. ¬†THIS video, however, is meant to show off the iPad experience. ¬†You know… things like, how does it respond to touch? ¬†What kind of touch gestures are implemented? ¬†Is it cludgey and stupidly implemented?

It would have helped immensely if we could SEE someone swipping their fat fingers over a zoomed in screen.  At least it gives us an impression of HOW this game could be played on the touchscreen device.

What I'm seeing above is simply… the game just like i would see on PC. ¬†Shows nothing particular to iPad experience.


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